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I first started noticing bollards in 2013 when we were living in the Washington DC area. With all of the public buildings in the area, bollards were very common. From a cybersecurity perspective I like bollards because they offer security to pedestrians and structures while maintaining an appealing look.

The more I looked the more ubiquitous I found bollards to be. The first bollards were located at waterfronts to tie up boats. Worldwide they are used around plazas, buildings, and walkways to separate road traffic from pedestrians. The dutch Amsterdammertje have been placed around Amsterdam homes for more than 200 years and continue to protect their famous bicycle ways.

Bollards are ubiquitous. For most people they fade into the background. But once you start noticing them, you find that they are all around. I hope you enjoy this collection.

—Brandt Redd